Integrated arts


Installation, poetry and performance
Guelph, 2014-2016

ReMediate is a collaborative project between Anna Bowen and Guelph visual artist Christina Kingsbury.  Kingsbury has created a 1000 sq ft quilt for the decommissioned Eastview Landfill in Guelph. The quilt, made from recycled paper and plant material and embedded with native seeds, has been sewn together on site during a two-week performance piece in which the public was invited to participate. It is intended to biodegrade over time and become living habitat for threatened pollinators and other indigenous species. Anna Bowen is producing an ongoing series of poetry and vignettes that serve as a narrative of the layered history of the landfill site, and which document the making of the quilt. Text from her poetry was written onto the quilt at the closing event, playing on the idea of a living word.  Poetry was available in chap book form at the opening and closing events and was available to the public by means of audio listening stations.


Installation – Australia, 2014

Inconversation was a cross-disciplinary/cross-art form collaborative exhibition held at Spectrum Project Space 9 to 24 October 2014. Works by the ((pollen)) collective were shown in the abbreviated form of pollen sampling tubes containing text, prints or thumb drives of video works. A digital print was created that mapped the collaborative process.  The collective includes Perdita Phillips, Megan Moe Beitiks, Astrida Neimanis, Catherine Higham, Melissa Charenko, Leonie Dunlop and J. Scott MacIvor. ((Pollen)) collaborations are ongoing.



Dan Evans talks about ReMediate on Books For Breakfast and plays audio recording of poem “Garden Maze” on CRFU on June 12th. (53.00)

The artists talk about ReMediate on Andrew Vowles’ radio show ‘From the Second Storey‘ Monday June 2nd on CFRU 93.3 FM.

Andrew also wrote an article about the project in the Guelph Mercury.

Rob O’Flanagan covered the opening in the Mercury.

Bry Webb recently gave a shout out to ReMediate as ‘a mind-altering work of art’ in an interview for Exclaim! Magazine.



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