The Millwright: Musings from the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival. September 2016 – Special Edition “Wrap Up”

The Millwright. September 2016 – Special Edition “Last Minute”

Bowen, Anna. “Author Profile: Liz Howard on Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent” The Millwright. September 2016

Bowen, Anna. “Q&A with Lisa Moore on her YA novel, Flannery” The Millwright. September 2016.  Listen to the podcast

Bowen, Anna. “Q&A with Alissa York on The Naturalist” The Millwright. August 2016 Listen to the podcast

Bowen, Anna. “Author Profile: Jael Richardson on The Stone Thrower”  The Millwright, August 2016.

Bowen, Anna “Q&A with Cordelia Strube on On the Shores of Darkness There is Light” The Millwright. July 2016 Listen to the podcast.

Bowen, Anna “Author Profile: Leon Rooke” The Millwright.  July 2016.

Bowen, Anna “Q&A with Nicholas Ruddock” The Millwright. June 2016

Bowen, Anna “Mill Musings: A longstanding partnership: Guelph-Humber MFA Creative writing students at EMWF” The Millwright. June 2016.

Bowen, Anna “Q&A with 2016 EMWF Artistic Director, Susan Ratcliffe” The Millwright.  May 2016


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